Summary of information related to WP5

September 7, 2015
Work Package 5 will develop the low-level software necessary to power on and test the Test Subarray. This includes software for the radar controller and exciter, and for the sub-array beam former. The software architecture must, however, also eventually support the operation of the entire EISCAT_3D system when additional layers are added. As a result, the engineering-level software must be designed to be both scalable and distributed. Similarly, the software interfaces and the specific programming languages must be chosen with long-term support and maintenance in mind.

Portions of the software will be provided by hardware subsystem vendors, so, in addition to actual programming, this work package will also develop interfaces to those hardware components. To some extent, the software interface development will need to be done jointly with manufacturers and this work package will perform that task.


Deliverable 5.1: Software Interface Control Documents

June 30, 2017
This report discusses key aspects of the Sub-Array Controller (SAC), which performs software control and monitoring for the PfP test sub-array. The report places the SAC software into the context of the planned control system of the full EIESCAT_3D system. The EISCAT_3D radar control system will be comprised of approximately 100 stand-alone, identical SACs, orchestrated in star-like configuration by a top level EISCAT Real-time Operating System (EROS). The E3D EROS is a direct descendent of the EROS that is presently running all other EISCAT radars. The required high time resolution system-wide synchronization to sub-nanosecond accuracy is accomplished via the White Rabbit time-and-frequency system developed at CERN. A key software component of the control system is the EISCAT Shell module (ESH).


Documents related to WP5 can be found in our external library.

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