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EISCAT Headquarters is located just outside Kiruna at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. The administrative and financial functions are integral parts of EISCAT Headquarters. The Director has his office at Headquarters, but travels are common, both for the Director and other personnel.

EISCAT Headquarters

EISCAT Headquarters is located at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics outside Kiruna

At the moment 14 people work at Headquarters. Including all the sites the staff adds up to 22.

The regularly occurring annual staff meetings are called Annual Review Meetings (ARM).

EISCAT Scientific Association is registered as a

Swedish non-profit organisation

Organisationsnummer: 897300-2549

EISCAT Scientific Association is also

registered in Norway

Organisasjonsnr: 971400536

See also Organisation, Governance and Mission Statement.

For contact information see: Contact

EISCAT Council

The EISCAT Council (the “board”) is the governing body of EISCAT Scientific Association and has an overall responsibility for the activities of the Association. The Association and Council are governed by rules and procedures. Read more here

EISCAT is a non-profit organisation. The investments and operational costs of EISCAT are shared between: