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EISCAT Organisation

EISCAT Scientific Association is registered as a Swedish non-profit organisation
Organisationsnummer: 897300-2549
Swedish VAT: SE897300254901

EISCAT Scientific Association is also registered in Norway
Organisasjonsnr: 971400536

EISCAT Scientific Association is also registered in Finland
FO-nummer: 3103178-2


Please note that EISCAT has operations in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Svalbard. The central administration is located at Headquarters in Sweden. When sending invoices to EISCAT, the invoice address should be the one relevant for the location where the goods/services were provided. We prefer receiving invoices via e-mail or e-invoice (for contact details, see Headquarters below). Sending invoices by post may cause delays depending on local staff availability at sites.

All invoices must be marked with reference person and project number, when such number has been provided. Invoices that do not contain this information or have an incorrect invoice address will not be processed.

E-mail and E-invoice

Invoice mailing adress: faktura@eiscat.se
E-invoice address: Peppol ID 0007:8973002549.

Invoice Addresses

EISCAT Scientific Association
Box 812
SE-981 28 Kiruna

Phone: +46 980 791 50

EISCAT Scientific Association
Tähteläntie 54B
FIN-996 00 Sodankylä

EISCAT Scientific Association
N-9027 Ramfjordbotn

EISCAT Svalbard Radar
Breinosa, Gruve7-veien
N-9171 Longyearbyen

See Headquarters

Local management

EISCAT Director

Dr. Craig Heinselman
+46 980 791 53
+46 70 270 90 34

Head of Administration

Mr. Henrik Andersson
Head of Administration
+46 980 791 52
+46 70 209 43 85

Read more in: HeadquartersEISCAT Council, Mission statement