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EISCAT Kiruna Site
EISCAT Kiruna Site

The Kiruna Radar Receiving Site consists of a receiving facility and is located near Kiruna, Sweden. Originally a part of the EISCAT UHF system, this receiver has been converted to receive the VHF frequency.

The antenna is a fully steerable 32 meter parabolic dish antenna. The receivers include multiple channels. The data are pre-processed in signal processors, displayed and analysed in real-time and can be recorded to mass storage media. The whole radar system is controlled by computers, and can be remotely commanded from the other radar sites. The site includes a mirrored mass storage facility which provides a secure archive for all the data recorded by the EISCAT facilities.

The instrumentation is located in an operations building. The land and building are provided by the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, which rents both the land and the building (in-kind contribution by Sweden) from K2A Knaust & Andersson Fastigheter AB.