WP9: Signal processing

February 12, 2010
The effective operation of the distributed components of the receiver, the post-set forming of multiple antenna beams with arbitrary polarisations, the automatic beam pointing checking and correction, the adaptive interference excision and the effective decoding of the transmitted radar modulations place heavy demands the hardware and software signal processing components. This work package focused on the signal processing aspects not already covered by other Work Packages. These included the issues of polarisation control and signal processing optimisation in situations with low signal to noise ratio.

The results from this Work Package included:

  • Control, monitoring and signal-processing software for the Demonstrator Array, built as a part of Work Package 4.
  • The outline of a possible signal processing architecture for the EISCAT_3D radar system, including both the part associated with the receiver and the part related to the transmitter waveform generation and beam-forming.
  • An overview of possible ways to estimate the polarisation of the signal.

This Work Package of the EISCAT_3D Design Study included a critical assessment of different alternative signal processing strategies and topologies and the design of a comprehensive, expandable set of hard- and software processing primitives.

The work in this Work Package was done by Luleå Technical University, EISCAT Scientific Association and Swedish Institute of Space Physics.


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