WP7: Distributed control and monitoring

February 12, 2010
Both the global control and monitoring of the whole EISCAT_3D facility and the low-level control and monitoring of the thousands of distributed antenna elements within the individual arrays place large demands on the support systems and software. This Work Package involved evaluating the various possible concepts for control and monitoring of the various functions of a highly distributed multi-element radar system, and making a recommendation for how these should be handled.

The main conclusion from this Work Package is:
The present?day EROS (the “EISCAT Real?Time Operating System” that is used by the present facilities) could, and preferably should, be used as the starting point also for the EISCAT_3D Control and Monitoring system.

The above statement follows from :

  • EROS supports many kinds of users via a scriptable command language
    The familiarity with EROS helps in maintenance and development
  • EROS provides unified control of all EISCAT radars
  • EROS is able to do the job

The main work in this Work Package was performed by EISCAT Scientific Association.


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