Updated on February 16, 2021 by Emma Unander

Nine million SEK for research in popular science visualization of the atmosphere

Data from EISCAT_3D will be used in a project run by Madelen Bodin director in Curiosum Science Center at Umeå University. The project aims to contribute to young people’s education and to create interest in science and technology by visualizing and making authentic amounts of data available to a wide audience. 

-It is fantastic to have this opportunity to make exciting research data visible to a wide audience. We need to understand how visualization of data affects the interest in and learning about science and technology in people, especially young people, and how a science center, in this way can make more young people choose to educate themselves, says Madelen Bodin

Press release

Read the press release here: https://www.umu.se/nyheter/nio-miljoner-till-forskning-om-visualisering-av-atmosfaren-_9916563/ (In swedish)

Read more about EISCAT_3D here: https://www.eiscat.se/eiscat3d-information/