Updated on March 17, 2021 by Henrik Andersson

The Procurement for transmitter control electronics

2018-11-16: The PSCU procurement covers the devices needed to convert a digital baseband signal to 233 MHz so it can be used to drive the power amplifier (SSPA) and finally the antenna. A single Pulse and Steering Control Unit controls 16 SSPAs and the contract will be for the R&D, First Article and 228 PSCUs plus options to reach the full requirement of 660 PSCUs (for E3DS1). The contract will also include an option for up to 660 additional PSCUs, which would be needed for a 10 MW installation (E3D Stage 2).

For details: https://eiscat.se/business/tenders

First closing date (for Expression of Interest) is 14 December, 2018