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Radar Systems Engineer to EISCAT

This vacancy is for a radar systems engineer to join the staff at the EISCAT Headquarters in Kiruna, Sweden.

Full job description here: Vacancy annonucement – Radar Systems Engineer

We are now seeking to recruit an experienced Radar Systems Engineer to join our development and engineering team at the EISCAT Headquarters in Kiruna, Sweden.

Knowledge and experience

The applicant should possess at least a master’s degree (or equivalent) in electronic engineering or equivalent fields and have demonstrated experience in radar and RF technology, especially at frequencies below 1 GHz. Experience in phased array technology, including scientific programming of modular radar systems, would be advantageous.

As the EISCAT systems are complex with many building blocks including RF parts like antennas, cables, solid-state power amplifiers, and highly competent signal processing stages with a vast network infrastructure including an extremely precise timing system, the applicant should have a very good systems engineering background, and be able to develop a detailed understanding of the system architecture and its components. Knowledge of at least the basic electronics and RF measurement instruments like oscilloscopes, spectrum and two-port network analysers is essential. Prior experience with older radar technologies such as waveguides and high-power klystron amplifiers would be a bonus.

Since our team at EISCAT has designed and programmed its own one-chip computer control systems and interface logic, experience with working with electronic CAD and programming of small computers for interfacing will be advantageous. The control and signal processing computers in the EISCAT systems are running Linux and good understanding and prior usage of Linux/Unix is necessary.

The position is an extension of our development and engineering team, and we envisage a start date latest around April 2024.


For further details about the position, please contact:

Dr. Axel Steuwer
EISCAT Director
E-mail: Axel.Steuwer@eiscat.se
Mobile: +46 72 581 33 38

Application deadline

Latest 10 January 2024.
Send your application to: registrar@eiscat.se (subject: Radar Systems Engineer)
Applications will be treated in confidence. Recruitment updates will be posted on the EISCAT website.


2023-11-29 Position opened and advertised

2024-01-10 Closing date

2024-01-11 Assessments start

2024-02-19 Interviews ongoing

2024-02-29 Position filled