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Last updated: October 7, 2021 by Emma Unander

Viktoria Söderlind

This week Viktoria Söderlind started working with us here at EISCAT Headquarters.
Viktoria will replace Emma during her parental leave.  Viktoria will be working in administration, mainly with the daily accounting, together with Henrik and Elisabet.

Viktoria previously worked in Systembolaget and has long and varied experience from many different workplaces and jobs. She will be a great addition to the administrational division. 

“With a great interest in nature and sports I moved from the south of Sweden to Norrland and Kiruna almost 17 yeast ago. Since then I have worked at several tourist facilities such as Icehotel, Låktatjåkka and Abisko mountain station with a little bit of everything. For example as a guide, group and event coordinator, chef, waitress and receptionist. Working in restaurants led me to my last job with beverages at Systembolaget. When the opportunity to work at EISCAT came, I didn’t hesitate since it seems to be a very interesting place of work.”

We welcome Viktoria to us!

Emma will be on parental leave until January 2021, but will be working partly for a few hour a week.