Updated on February 17, 2021 by Henrik Andersson

Status update 17 february 2021: Five candidates have now been interviewed by the 
recruitment agency, Visindi AS, Norway. After considering the views of the agency,
the committee decided to interview all five candidates. These interviews will be 
done in March. The committee decided also that the names of the candidates remain 
confidential at this stage.
Status update 26 November 2020: the EISCAT Council has now established a Committee
that will evaluate the received applications, rank them and finally suggest a candidate. 
This work will start within the coming weeks.

Kiruna, 6 July 2020

Updated 23 September 2020

The EISCAT Scientific Association is looking for a DIRECTOR

 The Director will lead the operation and development of a $100M capital Arctic research infrastructure and 25 staff to serve a worldwide community of several hundred researchers. By the end of 2022 EISCAT will launch the new EISCAT_3D facility, a world-leading radar for incoherent scatter studies of the upper atmosphere that will offer exciting new measurement opportunities. The new Director will have a cross-disciplinary view and excellent communication skills to convey the scientific opportunities of this new facility to a broad research community.

The ideal candidate should have a research background in atmospheric, geospace or space science, or a related field. Experience of working with research infrastructures, managing large international projects and engaging highly qualified expert staff would be an advantage. The Director is expected to attract new funding and to bring additional international partners into EISCAT.

The new Director is appointed from January 2023 with the option of an early start in the Association from April 2022. The full-time Director post is for a five-year period. Reappointment is possible for an additional five-year term through an open recruitment process. The Director is based at the EISCAT main office in Kiruna, Sweden. However, a considerable amount of international travel should be expected.

Applications should include a resume and a one page statement of the applicant’s vision for EISCAT and should be sent by email to: director2023@eiscat.se, latest 17:00 (CET) on 31 October 2020. Applications will be treated confidentially. Candidates may be asked to participate in an externally performed pre-employment screening test at an early stage of the recruitment. Employment terms and conditions will be subject to negotiation with the board of EISCAT, the Council. For more information about the position, please contact the EISCAT Head of Administration Mr. Henrik Anderson (henrik.andersson@eiscat.se) or Council chair, Prof. Ingrid Mann (ingrid.b.mann@uit.no).

A pdf suitable for distribution can be found here.