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Welcome to the EISCAT portal

A part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The EISCAT_3D Data Portal offer the following main features:

  • AAI, user login
  • Data browser
  • Data download
  • Online computing
  • Log on to the FileCatalog for further services.


    A schematic figure of the EISCAT_3D transmitter.

    A schematic figure of the EISCAT_3D transmitter. Each of the 109 hexagons contains 91 antenna elements. The diameter of the area covered by one antenna field is about 80 m.

    EISCAT_3D will be the world’s leading facility for research of the upper atmosphere and the near Earth space or the geospace environment. Construction kicked off in September 2017, with the first stage of the radar system expected to become operational in 2021. The EISCAT_3D facility will be distributed across three sites in Scandinavia, each over a 70m circular area and 10.000 antennas.

    More information of the service can be found here: https://www.eosc-hub.eu/research-communities/eiscat3d-agile-data


    Please read the manual: Prototype DIRAC Web Portal for EISCAT data — Step by step instructions

    Rules of the Road

    EISCAT data are normally provided freely to all users, however users downloading data must agree to respect our rules of the road. Data copied to other databases, archives, distributors, etc. are also covered by the same rules. Read the full Rules of the Road here: http://eiscat.se/scientist/data/

    Data policy

    The Data Policy originated largely from recommendations made by the EISCAT Council’s Expert Group on Satellite and Space Debris Observations. The expert group was formed in response to concerns about the future capabilities of the EISCAT_3D radar and the potential for abuse of this new system, either accidentally or intentionally.

    Read the full EISCAT Data Policy here: http://eiscat.se/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/BlueBook2015_Data_Policy_Procedures_Document_2017-06-28b.pdf