Site preparations: Skibotn ground works completed

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Last updated: July 3, 2020

EISCAT 3D Skibotn

The ground in Skibotn has now settled over winter and the contractor, ONOS AS and EISCAT representatives inspected the site 23 June 2020 for any damages. No issues were found so the contractor, ONOS, formally handed over their work to EISCAT.

Skibotn 23 June 2020

The photo shows the primary area as well as some of the additional area that needed to be used to stabilise the site. The additional area will be reseeded and later replanted such that it can be returned to nature. Activities summer 2020 in Skibotn relates to installing a simple fence around the primary area and routing/installing power to the site. The main buildings will either be built late autumn or in spring 2021. The radar system parts will be installed next summer and autumn.