Official start of the EISCAT 3D installation in Finland

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EISCAT 3D installation start in Karesuvanto

This week was the official start of the installation of EISCAT 3D in Karesuvanto, Finland. The site in Karesuvanto will consist of 54 antenna units with arund 5000 small diopole antennas mounted on top.

The installation is done by the same team as in Kaiseniemi, Sweden. On the day of the start EISCAT staff joined the installation team and helped getting it going. The team is experienced and know exactly what they are doing.

EISCAT 3D Karesuvanto on the day of the installation start. Photo: Assar Westman

The weather offered clear skies and as seen in the pictures, quite a lot of snow has fallen this winter. All the snow need to be cleared and the ground need to be deiced before placing of the antenna units can begin.

Antenna ground planes being assembled at EISCAT 3D Karesuvanto. Photo: Johan Svensson

In a few months we hope that all the antenna units are in place, in all three sites. There after all of the 20 000 small diopole antennas will be mounted on top of the antenna ground planes. A lot of work still remains, but slowly we are moving towards the completion of EISCAT 3D.