New EISCAT Director has taken office

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The new EISCAT Director Dr. Axel Steuwer has taken office

On 1 January 2023, Dr. Axel Steuwer officially took over from Dr. Craig Heinselman as Director of EISCAT Scientific Association. Dr. Steuwer joined the EISCAT team in May 2022 as director designate and worked alongside Dr. Heinselman, to absorb as much knowledge and insights as possible, before taking over the lead by him self.

EISCAT is facing very exciting and revolutionary events. The build and assembly of EISCAT 3D is ongoing and will finish some time this year. Dr. Steuwer comes in in a time when the new system is in it’s birth. It creates both challenges and opportunities.

I am very much looking forward to this year. I joined at an exciting time. 2023 will be a seminal year in the history of EISCAT. With the assembly of EISCAT_3D in full swing, we will soon be starting the commissioning of a unique and world-leading new incoherent scatter radar facility!

Dr. Axel Steuwer, EISCAT Director

EISCAT welcomes Dr. Axel Steuwer to our team.

EISCAT 3D Skibotn, Norway. Installation status Monday 16 January 2023.