EISCAT Director Craig Heinselman is leaving

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EISCAT Director Craig Heinselman is off to new adventures

Dr. Axel Steuwer and Dr. Craig Heinselman at EISCAT Svalbard Radar, during “the grand tour” for new directors.

EISCAT Director Craig Heinselman is leaving the EISCAT Scientific Association at the completion of his contract in December 2022.  Dr. Heinselman was EISCAT’s 7th director and has held that position for a total of ten years. He is being succeeded by Dr. Axel Steuwer, who starts his term on the first of January 2023.

“It has been an enormous pleasure and privilege to work with such a talented and dedicated group of individuals that make up EISCAT.  I very much look forward to watching the progress and eventual completion of the EISCAT_3D systems and cannot wait to see the exciting scientific results that emerge when the system is finally operational.”

– Craig Heinselman

Dr. Heinselman has been most valuable to EISCAT, not least in the work with EISCAT_3D. His knowledge and experience from working with different radar stations in the most remote locations has been of great value to the development, construction and design of EISCAT_3D.

In addition to the scientific and practical knowledge, Craig provided EISCAT with a firm leadership, a great sence of humor, some Danish instead of Swedish and a lot of cake and Swedish fika. Not to forget, a variety of great pictures from all our facilities and of different phenomena in the sky.

The EISCAT Scientific Association thanks Craig for all his work during these ten years and wish him a successful future.