EISCAT 3D shipment has arrived

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Last updated: September 20, 2022 by Emma Unander

EISCAT 3D shipment has arrived

The EISCAT 3D shipment from China has arrived to port in northern Norway, September 14th, as planned. The offloading went well and all of the 228 containers and all of the 433 items in total are counted in.

AAL Kobe in port in Norway. EISCAT3D containers and antenna ground planes in front of the ship.

The first EISCAT 3D containers have also been loaded onto trucks and transported to the EISCAT 3D site in Skibotn Norway. There will be a continuous flow of trucks to the site until all containers and other items are in place. Thereafter the trucking to the other two sites in Finland and Sweden will begin.

Installation and assembly of the containers with the ground planes for the antennas, will start shortly after.

Delivery of EISCAT 3D containers to Skibotn.
Offloading of EISCAT3D containers at the EISCAT3D Skibotn site.

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