EISCAT Radar School 2010

EISCAT and Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory organised a training course for new users of the EISCAT radars. The course took place at Sodankylä, Finland, 30 August to 4 September, 2010.

Group photo
In total 40 students and teachers participated in the Radar School. The participants were from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, USA and Peru with additional students from Japan and South Korea following the lectures via the internet.

The six intensive days of the Radar School included most aspects of the incoherent scattering radar method. There were also training in how to use the EISCAT facilities in practise, including the radars and the heating facility.

A real experiment was run with the EISCAT Svalbard Radars as part of the Radar School, and the data were analysed in real time, and calibrated on the next day. The data from this experiment are found here.

The EISCAT Radar School 2010 web-site contains a detailed programme of the school and also a list of good reference texts.

Presentations at the EISCAT Radar School 2010:

International EISCAT Radar School (Thomas Ulich)
Radar? (Thomas Ulich)
EISCAT Scientific Association (Esa Turunen)
Ionosphere and radar measurements (Anita Aikio)
Outline of the incoherent scatter method (Tuomo Nygrén)
Simplified experiment design (Markku Lehtinen)
Introduction to EISCAT hardware (Assar Westman)
EISCAT — Getting data (Thomas Ulich)
Lag profile inversion and its applications (Ilkka Virtanen)
Pulse compression and a simple sonar with R (Antti Kero & Ilkka Virtanen)
Common programs; Experiment modules (Ingemar Häggström)
EISCAT data (Ingemar Häggström)
Radar walk (Thomas Ulich)
Interpreting EISCAT data (Ian McCrea)
Introduction to heating experiments (Antti Kero)
The EISCAT heating facility (Mike Rietveld)
Precision Expandable Radar Calibration Sphere (PERCS) for HF and laser system calibration (Paul Bernhardt)
EISCAT_3D: A European three-dimensional imaging radar for atmospheric and geospace research (Ian McCrea)
Introduction to phased arrays (Anja Strømme)
LOFAR — Low frequency array (Derek McKay-Bukowski)
The US incoherent scatter radars (Anja Strømme)

Presentations can be found here.