The 7th EISCAT_3D User Meeting: Uppsala, 6-7 May 2015

May 8, 2015

imageThe 7th user meeting for the EISCAT_3D project took place in Uppsala, Sweden, on May 6-7, 2015. The theme for this meeting was “Connections of EISCAT_3D with other research infrastructures and project initiatives”

More information about the meeting is available at the meeting web page:

  • Practical Information (Stephan Buchert)
  • Opening and Welcome (Craig Heinselman)
  • EISCAT_3D status in the EISCAT member countries:
    • EISCAT_3D status in Finland (Anita Aikio)
    • EISCAT_3D status in Japan (Yasunobu Ogawa)
    • EISCAT_3D status in Norway (Kjellmar Oksavik)
    • EISCAT_3D status in Sweden (Stephan Buchert)
  • EISCAT_3D status in the UK (Ian McCrea)
  • EISCAT_3D in the European Landscape of Research Projects and Infrastructures (Ingrid Mann)
  • EISCAT Metadata: current status and future requirements for 3D data (Carl-Fredrik Enell)
  • The ISR roadmap in the COOPEUS project (Anders Tjulin)
  • System design and evaluation of EISCAT_3D Tx module (Yasunobu Ogawa)
  • Latest ideas for a heating facility for EISCAT_3D (Mike Rietveld)
  • Measurement Methods Handbook (Markku Lehtinen)
  • Groundbased optical instruments: current status and future possibilities for EISCAT_3D (Urban Brändström)
  • Evaluation of the EISCAT radar for SSA purposes (Matteo Crimella)
  • EU projects ARISE and DYNACLIM and their connection with EISCAT_3D (Evgenia Belova)
  • TomoScand ionospheric tomography with EISCAT dynasonde measurements and EISCAT UHF validation (Johannes Norberg)
  • X-mode ionosphere heating effect in the F-region (Tima Sergienko)
  • The EASI synthetic aperture system at the ESR (Nicola Schlatter)
  • Impacts of the pulsating aurora on the atmosphere (Shin-ichiro Oyama)
  • The Swarm mission, first results (Stephan Buchert)
  • MMS (Yuri Khotyaintsev)
  • Final discussions

Documents related can be found here.