5th EISCAT_3D User Meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, on May 6-8, 2013

May 8, 2013
imageThe 5th EISCAT_3D User Meeting took place in Uppsala, Sweden, on May 6-8, 2013.

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Data Analysis and Management and EISCAT_3D

  • Welcome to the 5th EISCAT_3D User Meeting (Craig Heinselman)
  • Nordic and European Infrastructure collaborations, European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) and the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) (Jacko Koster)
  • EUDAT – Towards a pan-European Collaborative Data Infrastructure (Damien Lecarpentier)
  • EISCAT_3D Data Challenges (Mats Nylén)
  • LPI – Lag Profile Inversion package for EISCAT_3D (Ilkka Virtanen)
  • EISCAT Data Analysis and the Madrigal Data Base (Ingemar Häggström)
  • EISCAT Data Analysis, -base, Tools and Procedures at NIPR (Yasunobu Ogawa)
  • Space Physics Data Bases (Stephan Buchert)
  • The Near-Earth Space Data Infrastructure for E-Science (ESPAS) EU FP7 project (Carl-Fredrik Enell)
  • COOPEUS – Cooperation between EU and US environmental research infrastructures (Anders Tjulin)

Splinter sessions:

  • EISCAT data formats, collaboration with other IS radars, future of Madrigal?
  • Technical design work
  • EISCAT host institutions’ meeting

General EISCAT and EISCAT_3D Science: New results and future plans

  • KAIRA: Progress, Status and Plans (Derek McKay-Bukowski)
  • Scintillation Studies: Updates and New Perspectives (Richard Fallows)
  • Radio astronomy with E3D (Tobia Carozzi)
  • Heating with EISCAT_3D (Mike Rietveld)
  • Experiment modes for various science applications in EISCAT_3D (Ian McCrea)
  • Solutions for ‘EISCAT_3D digital signal processing’ (Markku Lehtinen)
  • Some Notes on Statistically Equivalent Radar Experiments (Lassi Roininen)
  • Birkeland Centre for Space Science (Kjellmar Oksavik)
  • Satellite–ground-based coordination for understanding magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling (Anita Aikio)
  • Multi-point Studies of the Auroral Acceleration Region (Göran Marklund)
  • Cluster observations related to ionospheric density depletions (Tomas Karlsson)
  • New high-accuracy determination of range and range rate of satellites from EISCAT radar data (Jussi Markkanen)
  • Physical characterization of asteroids and space debris using active radar remote sensing (Jenni Virtanen)
  • Physical properties of meteoroids based on observations (Maria Gritsevich)
  • Meteors with EISCAT_3D: operational aspects (Johan Kero)
  • Mysterious UHF backscatter enhancements on the topside ionosphere caused by Heating (Mike Rietveld)
  • Monitoring relativistic electron precipitation into atmosphere (Esa Turunen)
  • Importance of Waves on the Polar Winter Stratosphere (Farahnaz Khosrawi)

EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project: status, site selection. Discussion of future actions by the user community

  • e-IRG (Sverker Holmgren)
  • Mutual coupling effects and optimum architecture of a sparse antenna array (Irina Tecşor)
  • EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase Project Status (Ingrid Mann)

National activities for EISCAT_3D

  • Norway (Cesar La Hoz)
  • Sweden (Johan Kero)
  • Finland (Anita Aikio)
  • Japan (Yasunobu Ogawa)
  • United Kingdom (Ian McCrea)
  • E3D site selection (Björn Gustavsson)
  • Discussion of site selection and related matters

Documents related can be found here.