The 4th EISCAT_3D User Meeting: Uppsala, 23-25 May 2012

May 25, 2012
The 4th user meeting for the EISCAT_3D project took place in Uppsala, Sweden, on May 23-25, 2012. Its focus was on planning for the Science of the EISCAT_3D project, particularly emphasising Space Weather.

For more detailed information, please check the meeting web-site at:

Space Weather, Modelling, and EISCAT_3D

  • EISCAT_3D Science Case, Space Weather and Modeling – part one (Anita Aikio)
  • EISCAT_3D Science Case, Space Weather and Modeling – part two (Ian McCrea)
  • Data exploitation and numerical simulation for space weather at CDPP: current status and future developments (Frédéric Pitout)
  • Ionospheric modelling at high latitudes; why we need EISCAT 3D? (Iwona Stanisławska)
  • Space weather challenges of the polar cap ionosphere (Jøran Moen and Kjellmar Oksavik)
  • EISCAT and Space Situational Awareness (Hannu Koskinen)
  • Solar Physics and Space Weather with LOFAR (Christian Vocks)
  • The role of EISCAT_3D in coordinated observations of relativistic electron precipitation into the atmosphere (Esa Turunen)
  • Study of ionospheric irregularities from GPS observations in relation to complementary information from EISCAT (Lucilla Alfonsi)
  • Auroral electron fluxes and characteristic energy of precipitating electrons inferred by ALIS and EISCAT (Hervé Lamy)
    Tracking satellites… a SSA test campaign in late 2010 (Jussi Markkanen)
  • The behavior of ionospheric structures at high latitude during last solar minimum (Hanna Rothkaehl)
  • Open discussion of space weather/modelling session, identification of missing topics

General EISCAT_3D Science and Project Status

  • Electric field around active auroral forms: EISCAT-ALIS observations (Tima Sergienko)
  • EASI – EISCAT Aperture Synthesis Imaging on Svalbard (Nicola Manuel Schlatter)
  • Artificial Periodic Irregularities (API) (Antti Kero)
  • The SWARM satellites as a tool to study space weather effects in the upper ionosphere and thermosphere (Stephan Buchert)
  • Modern online analysis results from the EISCAT HF radars (Dynasondes) (Mike Rietveld)
  • Interplanetary Scintillation Observations with LOFAR: Recent Results (Richard Fallows)
  • KAIRA – Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array (Juha Vierinen)
  • Measurements with twisted beams carrying orbital angular momentum: Preliminary results from PFISR (Thomas Leyser)
  • Perfect Codes – Theory and Practice (Lassi Roininen)
  • State of EISCAT_3D_Norway (Cesar La Hoz)
  • EISCAT_3D_Sweden (Jörg Gumbel)
  • ACF’s, metadata and other things (Paul Gallop)
  • Progress in WP10 – Imaging software (Vasyl Belyey)
  • EISCAT_3D Site Concept (Esa Turunen)
  • EISCAT 3-D Performance Specification (Björn Gustavsson)
  • Open discussion of EISCAT_3D plans including site selection and performance specification

Summary of EISCAT_3D Status and Discussion

  • EISCAT 3D Project Status (Ingrid Mann)
  • EISCAT_3D future plans, timeline and supporting actions (Ian McCrea)
  • Summary discussion

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