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The BUILDINGS procurement covers the site buildings to be built at the three EISCAT_3D  sites. The tendering is managed by our colleagues in Finland; University of Oulu, which will also be the contract party for the buildings to be built in Finland. EISCAT will be the contract party for the other two installations, in Norway and Sweden.

Summary of the procurement

We will totally order six turn-key delivered buildings to be constructed at three sites. The initial contracts with University of Oulu and EISCAT will be for the installations in Finland and Norway. The EISCAT contract will also have an option for installation in Sweden. It is possible to submit offers covering only parts of the procurement though full offers are preferred.

Each installation will comprise of a site building and a garage. Below you see the conceptual ideas. The offers can have other layouts but should include the functions shown.

Conceptual illustration – E3D Site Building Jan2020

Conceptual illustration – E3D Garage Jan2020

Construction sites

Finland: Karesuvanto, Enontekiö municipality

Norway: Skibotn, Storfjord municipality

Sweden: Exact location is not set yet but will be in Kiruna municipality

Tender and construction schedule

2020-01-29: Call for tenders published

2020-02-14 End of Q&A period (Questions and Answers are published at https://eiscat.se/business/tenders/questions-and-answers/)

2020-03-01: Closing date for offers

2020-04-30: Latest validity date for offers

Summer 2020: Construction of at least one site

Summer 2021: Possible constructions of remaining sites

2021-10-29: Latest contract finalisation date

Tendering data package

For further details, please see: http://eiscat.se/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/E3DS1_BUILDINGS_Tendering_Data_Package_2020-01-29.zip

How to bid

This tender is handled by the University of Oulu and the formal tendering process is handled by them. So if you want to submit an offer, use the following link:


Note: It seems that MS Edge browser has problems with their web-site (selecting the language for instance). The Firefox browser works better