Updated on January 20, 2021 by Henrik Andersson

22 December 2020: The Received offers were opened jointly by EISCAT and Oulu University 21 December
2020. Companies in all three countries (FI, NO, SE) have submitted bids. The offers will now be
validated for compliance with the stated requirements. Due to holidays, this process can only be 
completed early January 2021. We are aiming to enter contract negotiations Mid-January 2021.

20 January 2021: We are unfortunately a couple weeks behind schedule due to some needed internal
considerations, so Mid-January will more rather be towards end of January. We apologise for this.


26 November 2020: the BUILDINGS procurement for the EISCAT_3D site buildings has now started.

The tendering is a joint procurement by EISCAT and the University of Oulu and is for buildings at three sites in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Interested companies can bid for some or all buildings.

Tenders should be addressed to both EISCAT (via e-mail) and the University (via the portal).

Closing date for bids is: 17 December 2020

For details, you can download the document package here, or visit the Finnish Supplier Portal:


Note: the offers can of course be in Norwegian as well (in addition to Finnish, Swedish or English)


6 November 2020:  In prepararation for this procurement, an information session was held via ZOOM on 13 November 2020, at CET 09:00. You find the presentation shown during the session here.