EISCAT3D tenders, background

EISCAT3D is now in its implementation phase. The final product is a new system which will be a next generation incoherent scatter radar capable of providing 3D vector monitoring of the atmosphere and ionosphere.

The first stage, Stage 1 of the EISCAT_3D implementation comprise of three installations in northern Norway, Finland, and Sweden. The sites, Skibotn (Norway), Kaiseniemi (Sweden) and Karesuvanto (Finland) have all been established and the Norwegian and Finnish sites are ready for installation of the radar hardware. The Swedish site is close to ready. The buildings for all sites have been procured and will soon be completed.

Procurements of the radar hardware are complete and the system components will all be delivered in 2022 and system installation and integration will start in autumn 2022.

Few procurements remain and will be initiated during the coming months. For 2022 we have established a common portal for all EISCAT procurements. See: https://eiscat.se/procurements/ for further information.

Procurements made towards EISCAT3D up to the end of 2021, see below.

Latest tendering procedures