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EISCAT3D is going into implementation phase. The final product is a new system which will be a next generation incoherent scatter radar capable of providing 3D vector monitoring of the atmosphere and ionosphere.

Stage 1 of the EISCAT_3D implementation shall comprise three sites in northern Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Each site has a a 70-80m diameter antenna array with 9919 dual-polarization antenna elements organized into 109 subarrays of 91 elements each. The Norway site will also have an additional 10 subarrays, located separate from the main antenna array.

In addition to the antenna elements, the sites will also have support structures, beamformers, receivers, transmitters and other subsystems for control, time-keeping et cetera. Active RF components are placed into Subarray Containers which are placed under the Array Structure. For each site, there shall be 109 Containers with electrical installation and racks pre-installed.

More information at the project specific EISCAT3D site.

Tender 1: Antenna Unit (CLOSED)

For details: http://eiscat.se/business/tenders/e3ds1-au/

Tender 2: First Stage Receiver Unit (CLOSED)

For details: http://eiscat.se/business/tenders/e3ds1-fsru/

Tender 3: Sub-Array Transmitter System (CLOSED)

For details: http://eiscat.se/business/tenders/e3ds1-sat/

Tender 4: Pulse and Steering Control Unit (CLOSED)

For details: http://eiscat.se/business/tenders/e3ds1-pscu/

Tender 5: Site constructions: Buildings (to be published)

Due to the delays in the site preparations, the procurement for the site buildings will start only early 2020 with site builds starting summer 2020.

Other Tenders

Coming later:

  • System interconnects (RF-, signal-, fibre- cables)
  • Network components (switches, etc.)
  • Time and Sync (White Rabbit components)
  • Computer systems (servers and clusters)
  • Various engineering and installation services


Please see the Questions and Answers section for latest updates: www.eiscat.se/business/tenders/questions-and-answers